In this section of our website, you will find a short entry about the life of each of our Sisters who has been called by God to embark on her eternal life. No doubt you will find inspiration in reading how each one responded to her calling while on earth. We pray to them to help us on our journey.

If you knew one or more of these Sisters personally, or are connected through family ties, or simply like what you read, please contact us and tell us what you would like to add to that entry.

"The death of those can never leave us free from grief whose friendship during life was a solace and delight." Saint Augustine, City of God.

When Loved Ones Leave Us...

Sister Fidelia AdigoSister Fidelia Adigo was born in Mgboma Alike Ikananzizi, Nigeria in November 1949. She was a trained nurse-midwife with a specialty in orthopaedics, and worked as a nurse-midwife for 10 years before joining MMM in 1991. Her first assignment was to Tanzania, where she served in Kabanga. In addition to nursing duties she helped children with disabilities to access services.

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 794
D.O.B. 01.02.1895
First Profession: 03.10.1969
Died: 01.08.1983 Aged: 88 years

A native of Castlemagner, Co. Cork, Eileen's maiden surname was O'Brien. She had been married with a family and was widowed before entering MMM on 8 March 1968. Because of her age and maturity, an Indult was requested and granted, so she did not need to complete a second year of novitiate.

Sister Grace, called Nda Gee or Nda Gra, was born in Uzoagba, Owerri, Nigeria in 1940. She completed her early education at the Holy Rosary School, Uzoagba. In 1961,

Grace came in contact with MMMs at Saint Luke’s Hospital in Anua, where she did her nursing and midwifery training before joining MMM in 1962. Like our first six Nigerian MMMs, she completed her postulancy and novitiate in Drogheda, Ireland. She made her first profession in 1966 and then obtained her general nursing registration in the IMTH.

Sr. M. Frances Xavier BoyleCongregational Register No. 158
D.O.B. 12.03.1919
First Profession 07.09.1949
Died: 05.11.2003  Aged: 84 years
Patricia Boyle was born in Dublin and was educated at the Presentation Convent in Terenure, the Technical School in Rathmines, and Gregg Secretarial College. After her commercial training she worked for four years as a secretary to the managing director of a large drug company before entering MMM in 1946.

Nationality:- NigeriaSr Veronica Akpan
Congregational Register No. 352
D.O.B. 23.05.1929
First Profession 02.07.1956
Died: 16.08.2001 Aged: 72 years
Sr. Veronica Akpan was born in Eniong Offol, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. She had one older brother and a younger sister. Her home village is near St. Luke's Hospital, Anua, and it was here that she first came in contact with MMM. After her initial schooling and a one-year Teacher Training Course, she went to St. Luke's and trained as a nurse and midwife.

Sister Mel Brady was born Mary Brady in Corbawn, Longford in 1926. She came from a family of five boys and three girls, one of whom died in infancy. She was educated in Kilcogy, County Cavan ,and joined MMM in 1947. At her reception she was given the name Mel, one of the earliest Irish saints, the patron the Diocese of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise.

Mel was part of the challenging pioneering days of MMM. In 1951, soon after profession, she was assigned to Nigeria.

Sister Patricia Chibuzo Amadi was born in Nguru Mbaise, Owerri, Nigeria on Saint Patrick´s Day, 17 March 1945. She came from a large, close family unit. Her basic education was divided among several schools.

She attended Holy Rosary Primary School, Ovoro; Mercy Secondary School, Okigwe; and later Saint Louis Secondary School, Ondo. After leaving school she worked as a nurses’ aid in a hospital and in sick bay in charge of children with kwashiorkor.

Sr. M. Della Strada BreslinNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 258
D.O.B. 26.04.1908
First Profession: 06.04.1953
Died: 05.10.1983 Aged: 75 years
Dublin born Agnes Mary entered MMM in Drogheda on 1 August 1950. She was very musical and belonged to Our Lady's Choral Society, along with Sr. Eithne Fay, before she entered.

Sr Anne BennettNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 96    
D.O.B. 10.04.1919
First Profession: 18.03.1946
Died: 22.05.2006 Aged: 87 years
Anne Teresa Bennett was born in Milltownpass in County Westmeath, Ireland. She had three sisters and one brother. Anne was educated at the  at the local Mercy Convent and after leaving school helped out both at home and in the family-owned shop, before she entered MMM in 1943, aged 24. In religion Anne took the name  Sr. Mary Annunciata.

Sister Louis Marie was born Mary Elizabeth Brett in County Sligo, Ireland in 1926. Known as ‘May’, she attended her early education in Tubbercurry, County Sligo. She then helped on the family farm.

At the age of twenty-four she moved to Dublin and worked for three years as a governess for a Jewish family. When their mother died, she returned home to care for her younger siblings and look after the farm housekeeping.

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