Poetry Corner

Day’s End

The sun’s ray darkens as its golden orb sinks behind the blue gums great and tall leaving a quiet peace. Light has gone. The watchman’s vigil has begun as he invades the silence undisturbed but for the cricket’s incessant strains and the flashing of the fireflies. Night has come. The […]

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One Fall Too Many

A third time you fell Lover of life and of all people You kissed the ground again The place of zero. Yes, Jesus you fell Back to the place where all ends. And begins? That place of humiliation. Of shame. Of Failure. You fell – hard, rough, In fellowship with […]

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The Boat

Who wants to sail the beautiful boat? That is going on the sea Our Lady goes there, Mother Mary Martin is the principal passenger! Saint Benedict is the spiritual director, Jesus Christ is the guidance. Beautiful flag they are carrying! With the logo of the Medical Missionaries of Mary. in […]

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Life’s Flow

Life’s Flow Through the open door I see her coming – Walking steadily Carrying a pot of coffee. I see her confidence and feel her gratitude – Not just delivering coffee, But a heavy dose of love, too. Confident…knowing her Feet won’t freeze and That legs won’t give way Suddenly, […]

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Our Loved Ones

Do we ever really let go of our Loved Ones? Do we need to? I ask myself. As my memories crowd in and I enjoy again. Being in the time and place with those I loved. The places and things they remind me of. The joy is still there. No. […]

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The Garden of My Soul

I walked into the garden of my soul. Looking for the most beautiful flower.   As I entered the garden, I saw multiple beautiful colourful flowers. I even saw some weeds growing among the flowers. They also have attractive flowers. I needed to pay attention so as not to mix […]

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