Life’s Flow

Life’s Flow

Through the open door
I see her coming –
Walking steadily
Carrying a pot of coffee.

I see her confidence
and feel her gratitude –
Not just delivering coffee,
But a heavy dose of love, too.

Confident…knowing her
Feet won’t freeze and
That legs won’t give way
Suddenly, without warning.

Grateful….that she controls
The hand that holds the pot.
Knowing it won’t take off in
a frenzy of useless movement.

With absolute precision,
She pours my coffee.
We all have our definitions of
“miracle”…and…this is one.

Gratitude overflows
Again and again
The once-cared-f0r becomes

Wordlessly, we thank God.
The ‘shoe is on the other foot’ now.
My sprained ankle gives me rest and
Gives Margie her ‘nurse wings’.

By Sr. Ann Flynn, MMM