Meet the MMM Sisters

Meet the MMM Sisters

Sr. Prisca Ovat

During the next few editions of The Healing Touch we will be introducing you to some of our MMM talented Sisters.  Today we will tell you about Sister Prisca Ovat.

Sr. Prisca Ovat is Nigerian, from Cross River State.  She is in her thirties, vibrant and full of life!  She comes from a large family of seven children. Some of these are step brothers and sisters.  But as her mother’s eldest daughter, many of the household chores fell to her, including cooking.  She now marvels that she actually came to enjoy cooking, counting it as one of her hobbies.  She experiments with new recipes she learns on YouTube and Google!

After she left school, she briefly thought about religious life but decided against it.  She went off and did nursing instead.  But God continued to call!  Through a classmate in Nursing School, she was introduced to MMM and met Sr. Jo Anne Kelly.  The student who introduced her went off and joined a different Religious Congregation, but Prisca felt at home with MMM and joined in 2007.

After her First Profession she happily accepted an assignment to Abakaliki Hospital in Ebonyi State, Nigeria.  In 2013 she was assigned to Kenya and the Eldoret community.  Since that time, she has spent some time in South Sudan and some time in Ireland, upgrading her nursing to degree level.

At present Sr. Prisca is back in Kenya.  She tells me that her main hobby is music.  She loves to sing and has been in a choir everywhere she has lived since the age of seven!  She is now venturing out into piano lessons with the help of online instruction, again from Youtube.  Thank God she is technologically savvy and often helps the other Sisters when they have computer problems.

Sr. Prisca has a difficult nursing assignment in Palliative Care.  She has written about this on our MMM blog page of our website.   She also does massage therapy for those who request it.

Life has many challenges.  “I constantly grapple”, she says, “with the fact that I may not always be understood, especially amongst people of different tongues and ideologies. But as I grow, I learn to build relationships that foster mutual trust and respect so that none of us is lost in the other’s world.  We become co-evangelists to each other.”

Sr. Prisca has reflected much on her MMM journey.  She has learned:

“Patience and calm. When I struggle to solve something which weighs on humanity, asking for the grace to surrender to God’s providence brings peace. Little acts of kindness and compassion for human frailty consciously expressed daily promote God’s kingdom of love and peace. I am unlearning and relearning daily to be responsible for our world. They’re very tiny efforts, but God blesses them always.”

God bless you, Prisca, may your MMM life bring you much joy and happiness.

You can follow Sr. Prisca’s reflections on our MMM Blog (