Human Rights & Equality Advocacy

Biodiversity, Water Development, Sanitation

MMMs incentivises projects to improve and develop clean accessible water supplies. Water harvesting projects are in operation to help local communities to harvest rainwater in a safe way. Community seminars help support the local people in this work. People learn the importance of water in preventing illness and the spread of disease,

Some of the ways of addressing food security issues are:

  • creating small gardens,
  • seed sharing and
  • learning about horticulture

Skills and tools are provided to the community.

Gender Inequality

Economic inequality creates many social issues for women especially in single parent homes. Empowering women is an integral part of our programmes. We address gender inequality with training opportunities.

Women are offered opportunities to learn vocational skills which can be income generating. Among the skills taught are: –

  • Computer training
  • health services provider
  • hair dressing
  • tailoring
  • craft making.

Overcoming gendered violence is also a major concern.

Counter Human Trafficking

In poor communities children and women are often targeted by human traffickers. Education and awareness workshops are offered to help keep people safe. In addition, counseling and rehabilitation services are offered to women who have been trafficked and need support in coping with trauma.

Human Rights and Health Advocacy

Support is provided to families and individuals who need help and support in securing legal or health services. Advocacy is offered to help people overcome administrative, judicial, legal or health bureaucracy. Also, encouragement and support are offered to help people have the confidence they need to go forward.

Training and Development

To meet the needs of the people we serve, MMMs undergo professional training and development to attain or update skills. We organize ourselves so that we continually update our professional training. We encourage peer support and supervision. This helps us face the challenges we meet so that we can reach out and help those most in need. Continuing professional development is essential to the delivery of our core mission.