Join MMM as a Vowed Sister

We really need new MMMs worldwide to continue our mission!

Do you want to give your life to God? Are you ready for a long term commitment? Are you attracted to working in another culture with the most needy? If these are the questions in your heart you may have come to the right place!

Step One

The first step to becoming an MMM Sister is to contact the Vocation Director near you. Please contact us and we will put you in touch with the Sister who can guide you.

Once you are in touch with the Vocation Director, a period follows during which she helps you to clarify your calling. Have you the necessary health, both mental and physical? Can you adapt to other cultures and other places? Have you other commitments which might take precedence over religious life? These are the kinds of questions you will reflect together.

The next period is that of Postulancy, which usually lasts two years. Some of this time is spent living in a community of MMM professed Sisters. Postulants learn about MMM life and the challenges ahead.

Step Two

The second step is the Novitiate. The first year is known as a spiritual year. This is a time of more intense prayer and study of the history and charism of MMM and of the Church’s mission in the world.

In the second novitiate year, the life of prayer and study is combined with some active experience of ministry among the poor. The novitiate usually includes participation in an inter-congregational study group.

This is a further time for reflection and learning, while mixing with men and women of other religious congregations, and acquiring skills in self-awareness, human development, and further insights in spirituality and a life of mission.

Currently, we have one novitiate in Ibadan, Nigeria. Bringing all the novices from different parts of the globe together fosters internationality from early on in formation. This aspect of our lives is very important. The peer group support that forms at this time will stand by you your whole life!

Step Three

The third step comes on completion of the novitiate and successful assessment. The Sister makes her First Profession of Vows. This period is a time of temporary commitment during which the Sister renews her religious vows annually. During the years of temporary vows, Sisters are assigned to one of our missions and completes her professional training if necessary.

It is normal that some will come to a decision that the life of an MMM Sister is not the right choice. Most of those who discontinue on this path feel what they learned was valuable and they remain close friends of MMM even though life takes them in other directions.

Step Four

The final step of initial formation is life-long commitment. The ceremony of Profession of Final Vows usually takes place about ten years after the first steps are taken along this road. This is not the end of formation, which continues throughout life. It is essential for MMMs to keep up to date not only with their professional training but also with developments in mission theology and, of course, in spirituality.