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There are five Sisters in Brazil and along with their nine Associate members they are engaged in a variety of ministries. Now, we have closed a corporate ministry, Project Consolation, and are researching a new beginning in another part of the country. It is hampered by the pandemic, so the following is what is happening now.

  1. Family Ministry
  2. Youth & Vocation Animation
  3. AMMM
  4. Pastoral Health
  5. Prison Ministry
  6. Counselling
  7. Women group apostolate

There are nine lay associates in Brazil, seven in Capim Grosso and one Cabaceiras do Paraguaçu and one here in Salvador. Most of them are engaged in parish ministries.

Here their main ministries are: Pastoral da familia (family parish group) – this is a group where the couples come together and share their struggles and strengths in living together.

  • Brazil AnaCarlos Castro help needy familiesListening and counselling to families who have special needs children . One associate is volunteering in a project that supports families who have children with special needs.
  • Prayer ministry- some took more seriously the ministry of prayer specially for the people who lost their relatives due to the pandemic.
  • Empowerment of parish leaders- one is directly engaged in helping to organize the Tuesday workshops on various themes for parishioners and teachers who are accompanying the young people.
  • Engagement in the youth ministry – this involves: local fundraising for participation in workshops organized by the Marist Brothers. These workshops give skills on engaging with the youth as well as listening and accompanying the young people, referrals to spiritual and psychological accompaniment and coordinating the team.
  • Vocation animation ministry – there are some also who are engaged in inviting some young women to participate in our virtual “come and see” meetings.