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Brazil – Walking for Peace

Sr. Jacinta Ugonma Mahakwe MMM We live in a world filled with lots of deprivations of basic human needs – food, water, clothing and shelter. These must be satisfied in order to address more complex needs like mental and physical health, relationships and employment. Growing up to adulthood in the […]

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Plants that Heal

Many of our current medications come from plants and the natural world.  Because we take them in tablet form, or as a cream or gel we often do not realise their origins.  Can plant-based medications work?  Yes, definitely.   As a Congregation with “Rooted and Founded in Love” as our […]

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Steps for Hope 2023

The MMM Steps for Hope 2023, our Lenten Challenge, has started. Last year people from all five continents participated and this year we hope the same happens. We have set out some simple guidelines which we hope will explain all and are encouraging everyone, wherever they are throughout the world, […]

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Ugandan Girls

By Sr. Mary O’Malley, MMM Let me tell you the story of the Karamojong girls from Uganda. These unfortunate young girls and children, some as young as 9 years old, were initially found by one of our Trainers sleeping ‘rough’ with no shelter and only plastic sheets in the Majengo […]

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Missionaries Amidst Insecurity

MMM Sisters, Fuka, Nigeria Everything in life has a season and we are called to embrace all with love, wisdom and integrity. Niger State, since the beginning of the year 2021, has suffered grievous attacks from bandits. However, God’s mercy and goodness has remained unsearchable. Medical Missionaries of Mary Fuka […]

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The Hidden Treasure – The Gift of Life, By Sr. Cornelia Udoka, MMM

When we think of a treasure, we think of something we cherish so dearly, something valuable that is precious to us and we want to acquire it.  Merriam Webster uses the following related words for treasure: blessing, Godsend, goody, windfall and valuable. I think of Love and Life Natural Family […]

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Stamp Collecting

Is it still worth collecting stamps for the missions in a digital world?  Yes, definitely. Stamp collecting is among the most popular pastimes in the world. It has been called “the hobby of kings”.  As we are curious by nature, it is easy to understand why many collectors take an […]

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New MMMs – First Professions

  Four new MMMs made their First Profession of Vows this year after completing their formation programme in the International Novitiate in Ibadan, Nigeria. Each one comes from a different background and life experience, but all were attracted to serving the poor and needy, using their gifts and talents. Let […]

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Celebrating 1952

This year we celebrated the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth in England, so it is a good time to look back at 1952 in the MMM world and see what was happening then. Fire in Drogheda: On February 13th, 1952, the Novitiate in Beechgrove, opened in 1941, was destroyed by […]

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Bread for Breakfast

Sr. Jacinta Ugonma Mahakwe MMM The Medical Missionaries of Mary live and work in Salvador – Bahia, Brazil. Since 2000, we have been working in a lower income, peripheral area of the city. It has a predominantly Afro-Brazilian descendant population with more than 90% black/persons of colour. The neighbourhood is […]

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