Overcoming Violence

In today’s world people are ever more affected by violence. We have situation of refugees, civil unrest and urban violence. Working to support people affected by violence is important work conducted by MMMs. In countries like Brazil MMMs face situations of urban violence. Other countries in Africa, like South Sudan, are emerging from periods of civil unrest. As well as providing health services, MMMs also conduct outreach programmes. These include visits to the local communities and work in prisons.

Recently in Brazil MMM spearheaded a project, “Projeto Consolacao”. This was a support for families grieving from the loss of a loved one due to assassinations. Families received support in coping with the trauma caused by violent death. They were also offered human rights awareness. With this awareness they have the courage and resources to follow the legal process in seeking justice. This Project was successfully integrated into the local parish ministry.

In East and West Africa Capacitar training is offered. This is an international network of empowerment and solidarity. It helps people cope with trauma and empowers them to heal and overcome injustice to create a more peaceful world.

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We are religious sisters set forth to heal the world and relieve suffering in areas of the greatest need. Desiring to share Christ’s healing love, our Sisters come from 19 countries to bring health services to people all around the world.