MMM Voices – Caring Hands and Healing Hearts

MMM Voices – Caring Hands and Healing Hearts

Do you know the Sisters? Would you like to know more? We are starting a new way for you to get to know more about MMM and the Sisters.

Soon, MMM will be launching a new initiative through the miracle of technology, a series of podcasts that will allow you to hear the Sisters as if you were sitting down for a chat, featuring interviews with MMM Sisters. Our founder Mother Mary Martin was a true innovator in technology during her lifetime and found as many ways possible to share the MMM healing charism, so we believe if she was alive today she would have loved an MMM Podcast series.

Some of these stories were recorded many years ago, and the Sisters have since gone to their eternal reward, but most are new interviews, with MMM Sisters telling about why they decided to become a missionary, and why this kind of life was attractive to them and what they pray for in our world today. Each interview is as unique as the MMM Sister herself.

They describe their journeys to far off places and all the wonderful people they have met and who are now part of their life’s journey. So, watch out for the new podcast series coming soon. It will be available on the MMM website – – as “MMM Sisters’ Stories Podcast – Caring Hands and Healing Hearts.”

It will also be posted on our social media channels so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for links. Also, it will be hosted where major Podcasts are found. We will keep you posted on when it starts!

We are grateful to the Sisters for sharing their stories and to the people who have helped us record their stories over the years.