What My Heart Aches For

Sitting on a chair, Aware of the cushion;
Discomfort in my left hip and buttock.
My attention follows the leg of the chair, down;
Way down, to a place in nature. A River surface, clear as a mirror; almost!
There’s movement around the bridge support piles.
I hear that Brigid – Goddess, Saint – was a bridge builder!
My heart aches in awe.

A train whistles across the bridge,
Wind rattles railings, Birds respond in song.
A river barge comes into sight.
As it trudges under the bridge, an aeroplane flies overhead.
Another train whistles by,
Aware of my aching body, I feel the pain of humanity.
I hear that a Psalm is a prayer of awe.
Wizards live backwards in time, causing consternation for humans.
Somewhere, Someone feeds the children,
Someone walks a dog, Someone cleans a floor,
Someone makes love, Someone war.
Someone abuses women; Someone trades in children;
Someone is with the dying, Someone buries the dead,
Someone mourns, Someone weeps, Someone prays.
I hear the cry of Mother Earth.
My heart aches in awe.

This blue dot in the cosmos that we call home
spins on her axis, holding tensions of opposites.
Somewhere it is day, Somewhere night,
Somewhere it is winter, summer, spring, or fall.
Somewhere there is drought, Somewhere famine, flooding or burning.
Everything is connected in love, belongs, and is deep-wired in relationships for friendship. Somewhere there is joy!
Somewhere, Someone is singing:
This is the day that the Lord has made, Rejoice and be glad in it all.
My heart aches in awe.

by Theresa McDonnell Fristrom AMMM