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Memories of Christmas 1950s

by Vera Grant,  AMMM    Ireland   22.12.2021 Christmas began in our house on the 8th December, the Feast of The Immaculate Conception. It was a holy day, school was closed, we went to Mass and then we went to visit Santa but most important of all it was the […]

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Christmas “SSekukulu”

by Sr. Josephine Nabisere   Uganda   22.12.2021 Uganda joins the rest of the world to celebrate Christmas on 25th December every year. This celebration starts as early as November whereby the sound of Christmas songs is heard across the country. Some shops are colourful with Christmas decorations. The Christmas […]

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Family Novena

by Sr. Maria José da Silva, MMM   Brazil  21.12.2021 Here in Brazil we would like to share with you one of the most enjoyable experiences that happens yearly among the Christian families in our Catholic church.  There are many ways to prepare for Christmas.  One of them is participating […]

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Christmas in Huambo, Angola

 by Sr. Beatrice Iyioku, MMM      Nigeria      21.12.2021 The birth of a child comes with so much joy, fulfilled hopes and an end to long anticipation. The birth of Jesus at Christmas comes also with its uniqueness. Christmas seasons are very dear times which brings me to reflect […]

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Christmas in Hospital

by Sr Helen Spragg, MMM   England  20.12.2021 No one wants to be in hospital at Christmas. But, for those that have to be there, the Christmas message may bring some comfort in the midst of their suffering. My hope and prayer is that we can all find comfort knowing that, […]

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What a Child!

Sr. Prisca Ovat, MMM    Kenya 20.12.2021 Several generations have passed, yet Christmas remains. Our faith in the divine incarnation remains alive and even stronger than the time of this original event. Why do we have to go through this every year? Would it be appropriate to say it is […]

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Christmas in New Mexico

by Ann Hook AMMM    U.S.A.    19.12.2021 As I look back over the past fifty years, I see how the Christmas traditions I hold dear have changed.

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A Family Christmas in Tanzania

by Moira Brehony   AMMM    Ireland/Tanzania  18.12.2021 As a family we have spent Christmas in East Africa for more than thirty years. What makes Christmas so special is that preparation for Christmas day begins one week before the big day. Assembling the crib of our African figurines and local […]

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The ‘O’ Antiphons

by Sr. Sheila Campbell MMM   Ireland   17.12.2021 Let’s be honest here. Before I entered MMM I had never heard of the ‘O’ antiphons.  I am sure I am not alone!  They are short prayers said each evening during the Divine Office on the seven days between December 17th and December […]

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Seeing in a new way

by Sr. Noeleen Mooney, MMM  Ireland  16.12.2021 I never cease to be in awe of the fact that simply looking down a microscope can be enough to recognize the cause of some of the most common parasitic and bacterial diseases.   My early years in laboratory training had a lot […]

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