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Miserable Weather

 by Sr. Noeleen Mooney, MMM  Ireland 18.11.2021 Until I came from Tanzania back to Ireland, I hadn’t realized just how much my attitude to rain had changed.  When it rains here, I hear people describe it as ‘a dirty day’ or ’miserable weather’.  Maybe these are only conventions of speech, […]

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The Journey

by Jo Anne Kelly MMM  Ireland 15.11.2021 The sun was just rising, shortly after 6 am when I set off from Ibadan in West Nigeria to attend a formation team meeting in Urua Akpan in the East of the country, a 10-12-hour journey depending on the roads and the traffic. […]

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by Sr. Sheila Campbell MMM  Ireland  12.11.2021  The other day I noticed this tree out on our front lawn.  It struck me as a lovely image of the Sisters inside the house.  It is in its autumnal stage, as we are.  I am one of the youngsters at 72!  But […]


People with Disabilities

by Sr. Helen Aherne MMM  Ireland  11.11.2021 I first met Charles at a meeting organised by the Town Council in Masaka, Uganda.   He wanted to do something for PWDs (persons with disabilities).

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Busy Week

by Sr. Sheila Campbell, MMM  Ireland  07.11.2021 This coming week is going to be hectic.  I won’t bore you with details but it will be one of those periods when routine disappears and life is suddenly full of many tasks and many new people.  Then, at the end of the […]

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All in the “Our Father”

 by Sr. Prisca Ovat, MMM  Kenya  05.11.2021 “Like the experience of the disciples on their way to Emmaus, whose hearts were burning as Jesus explained the scriptures, so too my heart inflamed meditating on the Lord’s prayer. And for the first time in my life, I felt I had only […]

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Blood and Water

by Sr. Noeleen Mooney, MMM  Ireland 04.11.2021  My work in a mission hospital laboratory was far removed from the high technology of auto-analyzers and computer print-outs. Diagnosing intestinal and blood parasites microscopically formed a large part of the workload. The highest cause of mortality and morbidity is malaria.  So may die, […]

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Recording the Past and inspiring the Future

by Lisa Murphy, MMM Archivist  02.11.2021    An introduction to MMM ArchivesIn July of 2021, I took up the mantle of Congregational Archivist for the Medical Missionaries of Mary. However more often than not, when I tell people that I am an archivist, I am met with blank stares. I […]

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In the Sacred Space

by Sr. Prisca Ovat, MMM      Kenya          28.10.2021 That space appears really incomprehensible to most mortals. It is fully grasped by the one who knows all – YHWH. Yet, to the one tested and proven Has ownership and wisdom been given to access – the […]

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Healing Charism with the Elderly

by Sr. Noeleen Mooney, MMM        Ireland       24.10.2021 The Healing Charism is a gift I have been given.  It comes with responsibility.It involves Coaxing – that those who feel they can’t, because of age or infirmity, may discover that they can, with just a little help.  […]

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