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The Black Stone and the Herbalist

by Sr. Sheila Devane MMM                           Ireland                                  19.04.2024 The other evening I was watching a programme with wild animals when suddenly a snake […]

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Living with Vulnerablility

by Sr. Siobhan O’Keefe SHJM                                                      Ireland                    17.04.2924 LIfe is fragile….and we sometimes feel its fragility […]

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The Dog With a Sore Paw

by Sr. Helen McKenna MMM                              Ireland/Tanzania                                           15.04.2024 I have a friendly dog at home. He could […]

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Taitu – a Heroic Woman

by Sr. Maureen O’Sullivan MMM (1920 – 2017)                                   Ireland           13.04.2024 Editors Note: This story, first published in 1975, comes from Sr. Maureen’s time in Ethiopia. Taitu, one of our patients, […]

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Fourth Year Medical 1962 -63

by Sr. Margaret Anne Meyer MMM                                              USA                           11.04.2024 Finally, the time had arrived for a little […]

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The Vocation of a Widow

by Sr. Joannes Meehan MMM (1917 – 1979)                                        Ireland             09.04.2024 First published by MMM in 1977 Every vocation is unique. Each can speak of the wonder […]

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Resurrection Avenue

by Jo Doyle                                                       Ireland                                          […]

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Questioning Reality

by Nadia Ramoutar  MMM Communications Coordinator      Ireland                 05.04.2024 I was talking to a friend who lives in New Zealand.  He told me how things are cooling off after a very hot summer and the leaves are turning brown, rust and gold.  […]

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Bringing Home Baby Ahmed

by. Sr. Anna Finnegan MMM                                         Ireland                                03.04.2024 In November 1980, I was at home ready to […]

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April Fools’ Day – Start of a New Year

By Sr. Sheila Campbell MMM                                    Ireland                                       01.04.2024 Today is April 1st and Easter Monday. It […]

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