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An Indelible Mark

by Sr. Helen Aherne MMM                    Ireland/Uganda                  22.09.2023 (Editor’s Note:  This story was first published in 2009 when Sr. Helen was still in Uganda) I once read that every person who touches our lives […]

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A Tale of Two Motorcycles

By Sr. Siobhan O’Keefe SHJM             Ireland                                  20.09.2023 Editor’s Note:  Sr. Siobhan is a frequent visitor to our Motherhouse in Ireland to visit her aunt, Sr. Nuala Horgan.  She has […]

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Reflections on Living in a Less Violent Reality.

by Nadia Ramoutar  MMM Communications Coordinator                Ireland             18.09.2023 It’s unusual for me to say that something shocked me, but this week it did. There can be a lot of darkness in the world and I am not immune […]

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The China Woman

by Sr. Sheila Devane MMM               Ireland                  16.09.2023   Should this read the Chinese woman or the woman from China?   No, this is about the China Woman.   Let me tell you about her! Last week, two colleagues called […]

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One Solitary Life

Author Unknown                                                                                       14.09.2023 Who was he? This young […]

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Our Connection with God

by Vera Grant AMMM                 Ireland                     12.09.2023 Donegal in August – 4 seasons in one day, it is said.  Together Maggie and I walked slowly, deep in thought and thankful to be out now that […]

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Doctor Diet

by Sr. Sheila Campbell MMM                Ireland                 10.09.2023 The story is told about one of our early MMM Sister Doctors, Sr. Margaret Mary Nolan.  Sr. Margaret Mary was a highly qualified surgeon, obstetrician, and gynaecologist when she […]

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Providing Shelter

by Eilin Teeling AMMM              Ireland               08.09.2023 At dinner time, when Anya allowed me to serve her some vegetables, I knew finally my husband and I were accepted.  When she, her mother Olga, and her sister, eight-year-old Khrystyna arrived […]

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Expanding our Definition of “Home”

by Nadia Ramoutar MMM Communications Coordinator             Ireland         06.09.2023 I find myself lately reflecting on the word “home”. Most likely this is because I have been fortunate enough to buy a little house and I am in the process of renovating it.  As […]

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“The Drink”: a story of the struggle

by Sr. Jo Anne Kelly MMM                           Ireland                           04.09.2023      Many years ago, I was doing a course in Dublin. Included in the course was one […]

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