Walsh, Sr. M. Annette

Walsh, Sr. M. Annette

Brigid Walsh was born in Kilkenny in April 1922 and took the name Sister Annette after she joined MMM in 1955. She trained as a radiographer. She soon made use of her talents in Tanzania, where she was assigned in 1963. She spent five years there in Makiungu and Dareda. After serving for a year in Mzuzu, Malawi, in 1971 she  returned to Tanzania for a further two years, this time in Kabanga.

She returned to Ireland and helped in the kitchen in Drogheda before doing updating in radiography. She then spent twelve more years as a radiographer in Dareda, Tanzania. When she was 65 she returned to the MMM area in Europe and spent six years in Romiley, England, doing parish work. She was often seen going around on her bicycle. After this, Sr. Annette spent thirteen years at our MMM house in Clonsilla, Dublin, as housekeeper and bursar. She was also involved in parish work.

In 2006 she retired to the Motherhouse where she spent the next five years. She remained active during that time, setting up a shop for Sisters unable to go out for things they needed. Annette had many interests and enjoyed them until failing health necessitated transfer to Áras Mhuire for a few months.

She died there peacefully on 12 July 2011.