MMM Europe

Congregational Ministries

Archives Department

Two Sisters assist in the
Archives Department.

Communications Department

Two Sisters assist in the
Communications Department.

Mission Awareness

One Sister is sharing the work of the MMMs
to raise awareness & resources.

European Area

Area LeadershipMMMIreland
Area Leader and her team who look after the administration and care of all the Sisters in the European Area

The Clinic and Assisted Living for 55 Sisters. The daily running of the house and pastoral care of the Sisters is done by five Sisters. Two Sisters also offer Holistic Therapy. The Clinic has three Nursing Sisters along with lay staff. The Stamp Department collects used stamps and sells them to stamp collecters.  The money raised is used for our Projects overseas.  Six Sisters work in this Department.  All main events such as Celebrations, Jubilees and Funerals occur in the Motherhouse. Missionaries on leave also come to the Motherhouse to stay. To summarise, this Hospitality and Care of the Sisters are the two main priorities in the Motherhouse. Some Sisters volunteer with St. Vincent de Paul and SOSAD (Save our Sons and Daughters), a Suicide support group.

Áras Mhuire Nursing Facility
After many years of missionary life we now have 27 Sisters living in our nursing home.  The Registered Provider is a Sister and we have three Sisters providing pastoral care.  Another Sister works with Holistic Therapies.

There are nine Small Communities with 30 sisters.
Many of these Sisters are involved in Pastoral Care in their local Parishes, visiting their neighbours and volunteering on local residential and parish/diocesan committees. Three Sisters are employed by the Health Service Executive (HSE) One Sister Doctor works in a Dublin Migratory Reception Centre. One Sister is employed as a Chaplain in a hospital. Another Sister is employed in administration.

The house in Bettystown is the Holiday Retreat House for MMM Sisters and the three Sisters living there look after hospitality for visitors.
Another Sister volunteers both with the Irish Red Cross and a local Family Resource Centre. Pre-COVID some Sisters volunteered with Brother Kevin and the Capuchin Day Centre in Dublin.

AMRI – Association of Leaders of Missionaries & Religious of Ireland 

A number of Sisters are involved in different committees within AMRI. Such as APT (Act to Prevent Trafficking), Healthcare Committee, COVID Advisory Group, The Executive Committee, The Religious Formation Ministry Programme Committee, Vocations Ireland, African Europe Faith and Justice Network, Towards Healing.

Arts & Cultural

Each Community is involved in care of the earth by way of gardening and local committees. Some Sisters grow their own vegetables. All Sisters feel a sense of responsibility towards our fellow humans and the earth through our Healing Charism.

Each year Sisters facilitate Student Sisters from overseas who travel to Ireland for studies. Heritage visits for Sisters from other countries are also organised.

Lay Staff are involved in the finances and administration of the Area. Stewardship is everyone’s responsibility.

Some Sisters make crafts and sell and donate them to provide funds for different projects.

Sr. Rita Kelly worked on the Returned Missionaries Desk of the Irish Missionaries Union and the question was often asked by Misean Cara as to what returned missionaries do when they come back to Ireland. As you can see our Sisters are committed and involved at National, Diocesan and Parish level and at the same time stay connected to their previous missions. We are only one small Missionary Organisation and each missionary congregation I am sure would give the same experience. There is a lot of wealth and energy among our returned missionaries.