Saunders, Sr. M. Kieran

Saunders, Sr. M. Kieran

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 121
D.O.B. 20.04.1909
First Profession: 06.01.1947
Died: 05.05.1997 Aged: 87 years

Emily Florence, from Longford, had worked as a health visitor before entering MMM on 16 June 1944.

After profession, she was assigned to Tanzania, first at Dareda and then at Makiungu. Later she was presented with a big challenge when she was invited to be superior of the pioneer group to Taiwan. She had learned to speak Swahili, but the Chinese language, with a whole different alphabet – complicated and large – was more difficult! Nevertheless Sr. Kieran’s great love of everyone and sense of care for others helped her to overcame this hurdle and she spent several happy years in our only mission in Asia.

After MMM withdrew from Taiwan in 1975, she returned to Tanzania, where she was much loved, for more happy years working in Namanyere and Kabanga. After her return to Ireland, she used her gifts of warmth and hospitality in looking after hospitality in Beechgrove, making sure that a bed was available when needed.

She had the knack of making everyone that she met feel that he or she was the most important. Never complaining about her difficulty with hearing, she managed to smile graciously at all whom she encountered. Gratitude seems to have been an innate part of her personality.

Sr. Kieran died and is buried in Drogheda.