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Seeking New Ways in the Healing Mission of Jesus

  Creative Fidelity

by Sr. Brigid Corrigan   MMM   England/Tanzania   01.03.2022

Brigid Corrigan 2The urgent call from the ‘high dependency ward’ came early in the morning.  Along with others, I made my way to find a young boy, Sospeter, 15 yrs of age, in a deep coma. Swift examination, resuscitation and essential laboratory tests revealed that Sospeter was in a diabetic coma. Diabetes and other non-infectious diseases,were appearing in Tanzania at an alarming rate in the 1970s and 1980s.   As Medical Missionaries of Mary, our medical work was constantly changing.


by Sr. Noeleen Mooney, MMM  Ireland  27.01.2022

weedsWeeds – what are they?  The dictionary describes them as “wild herbs growing where they are not wanted”. This is probably how we think of them most times.  Weeds are everywhere.  They grow without being asked.  They spread with complete abandon if we allow them to.  They take a lot of time and energy to remove, if we decide to battle against them.

Is God calling me?

By Sr. Sheila Campbell, MMM     Ireland      25.02.2022

frequenly asked question resizedOne of the questions I am asked, often if not frequently, is “How did you know you wanted to be a Sister?”   Well, the truthful answer – I always knew – is not very helpful so I went around all my colleagues to see if I could come up with a better answer.

Encounter with Vipers

by Sr. Cecily Bourdillon  MMM    Zimbabwe    23/02/2022

scaled viper resizedNot long after my arrival at Zungeru Rural Health Centre in Northern Nigeria, I was called to see a young woman who was bleeding to death having been bitten by a snake. We were unable to give our patient a blood transfusion nor had we anti snake venom serum to administer. All we could do was to refer our patient to the general hospital in the nearest town, Minna, and hope that there she would receive the treatment she needed.
This patient was the first of many patients I would see bleeding from a snake bite - the bite of a Carpet Viper.


by Sr. Sheila Campbell MMM  Ireland  21.02.2022

jigsawsI am now in my seventies and in recent years I have found myself drawn again to doing jigsaw puzzles.  I think it began when I had a period of forced inactivity from work due to medical reasons.  But no matter how I started, I am now well and truly hooked!  After our evening meal I usually go to the table with another two or three Sisters and spend an enjoyable hour piecing a puzzle together.  

A Chinese Riddle

by an unknown MMM author – undated      19.02.2022

Early MMMs A74 P70 resizedA Chinese riddle asks which is better ‘a teaching, a story or a greeting?’ The answer given is a greeting. Why we may ask: To greet is to bless, to bless is to greet, to greet is to expect a response. Every greeting has elements of anticipation: will I be welcomed, will I be included or will I be rejected and perhaps excluded?

We Are One

by Vera Grant AMMM      Ireland      17.02.2022

enhanced platforms interconnected world resizedWe waited, we prayed and we hoped the outcome would be the same. The same in that Rayan, the five-year-old Moroccan boy would survive as had the twelve Thai boys and their coach, trapped in an underground cave some eighteen months earlier.

I say ‘we’ to include my family, neighbours and friends who living here in Ireland felt so connected to those in a far away land keeping vigil for the safe return of a small boy who had fallen down a well.

Preserving the Past

  • by Lisa Murphy   MMM Archivist     Ireland    15.02.2022

Mother Mary Martin 2021 resizedOne of the most important jobs that an archivist does, is to ensure that the material we hold in the archive is preserved for the future. Without the proper care, environment and storage conditions, archival material is vulnerable and at risk of deteriorating over time. However, taking preventive measures can considerably extend the useful life of collections, and is usually much more cost-effective than interventive measures taken to remedy damage after deterioration has taken place.

Being a Missionary

by Sr. Jacinta Mahakwe  MMM       Nigeria/ Brazil        13.02.2022
Jacinta Mahakwe resizedIn one encounter during my pastoral work, a woman came up to me and struck a conversation. Accordingly, she is from Bahia, born in Itapuá and lives in Pituba. The places are nearby. She added that she cannot stand living away from home, family and friends and she visits home every weekend. Addressing me as little sister (irmázinha) she had a lot of questions and she want to understand how I could live far away Africa to Brazil for mission. She expressed worries for me, my family, my parents and siblings. As a mother, she wondered how they allowed me to travel so far to be a Missionary. Looking at her concerns, I reassured her that I am fine, and I am used to living far away from home. She promised to pray for me and to count on her support. Wow, the heart of a woman, a loving heart.

MMM Beginnings

by Lisa Murphy     MMM Archivist       Ireland    11.02.2022

PH Dom Marmions pen edit resizedOn the 11th of February 1936 Sacra Congregatio de Propaganda Fide issued the decree Constans ac Sedula, enabling religious women to undertake work in all fields of medicine. This permitted Marie Martin's vision of a congregation of medically trained religious women to be realised. At that time, Marie Martin was on a retreat with the Benedictine nuns at Kylemore Abbey, County Galway which was being directed by Dom Bede Lebbe OSB from Glenstal Abbey.

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