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International Nurses Day 2022

by Lisa Murphy   MMM Archivist    Ireland     15.05.2022

Nurse training resizedInternational Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12th which is also the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth. The theme for 2022 is Nurses: A Voice to Lead - Invest in Nursing and respect rights to secure global health. When we reflect on the history of MMM we can see that investment in Nursing and Midwifery was something that Mother Mary worked towards from the very beginning. Documents from the MMM Archive show us that as early as December 1941, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital was applying for recognition as a Midwifery Training School. While the hospital initially fell short of the requirements of the Central Midwives Board, Mother Mary was undeterred. She ensured that the hospital was brought up the standards required. The result was that the hospital was approved as a Training School for Grade I Midwifery on 23 June 1942 and Grade II Midwifery in 1944.

My Eyes to the Mountains

 by Sr. Margaret Anne Meyer MMM          U.S.A.       13.05.2022
mountains resizedAs I read the beautiful blog by Sr. Noleen Mooney with title “I lift up my eyes to the Mountains”, my thoughts ran back to the mid 1960’s when I was an intern in the IMTH, now known as the Lourdes Hospital. At that time, the hospital was not completed, and one could see the distant hills by looking out the windows along the staircase to the six floors. As a young, newly qualified Doctor, I felt overwhelmed by all the numbers of patients and duties to accomplish in a short space of time. I used to look out of the windows then and pray Psalm 121, trusting in God’s help to be as strong and as present as those hills.

A Rainy Day in the Woods

by Sr. Bernadette Fadegnon    MMM   Republic of Benin/ Brazil     11.05.2022

path in woods resizedA rainy day in the wood
She peeped through her widow
It is raining, she murmured.
She wished the rain could stop,
So that she can go in the woods
To enjoy the company of trees, of birds, of animals, of insects.

She sat back for a minute.
She peeped through her widow again.
Ah, the rain is just dropping now
She decided to make her way to the woods.

Today - Grief

by an MMM Associate          Ireland       09.05.2022
grief resizedToday has been one of the hardest. 
We buried my darling nephew, John, who at the age of 43 took his own life.

Sit under a Tree and let God find you

by Eilín Teeling, AMMM           Ireland          07.05.2022

tree 4 resizedMy colleague was very clear when she said she could not pray or practise meditation or contemplation. She was not sure about mindfulness either. Sit still under a tree for twenty minutes, with no obvious task? No, this was not for her.

I needed some volunteers for my research dissertation, as part of a M.A. in Applied Spirituality. Many have forgotten or rejected the habits of prayer and traditional worship and become lost in a society focused on advertising, spending, and non-stop social media. How can we find a way to hear God’s whisper, bubbling up through our ego, busy thoughts, and self-doubts?
I wanted to explore what happened when we are quiet and still on a regular basis, in the presence of a tree, part of God’s creation, and allow our soul catch up.
My idea came from the Celtic tradition - to use all our senses, to give space to listen to our inner rhythm, and pause the outer busyness of life.

Morning has Broken - Part Two

by Sr. Ese Idogen  MMM          Nigeria               05.05.2022

Sr Ese Idogen 3 resizedAs I got more involved in the work in Tourgbene, Bomadi region in Delta State, Nigeria, I realized that the water here is ‘everything”. Everything is done in the water, drinking, bathing, fishing, excreting and it is the main source of waste disposal. Malaria, diarrhea and other skin infections are still quite prevalent. I thought of showing them how to dig a pit latrine, but ‘how’? Everywhere is water. I saw women struggling to feed their children. The majority are fisher women. The majority of the men were either so busy playing the local chess in the jetty or drinking the local gin “ogogoro”.

Morning has Broken - Part One

by Sr. Ese Idogen MMM      Nigeria          03.05.2022
Srs Lucy Agbese Ese Idogen Torugbene resized

I received my letter that evening after a special evening missioning prayer. I was filled with feelings of excitement and at the same time, anxiety. I was going to Torugbene? Alone? As I laid on my bed, I could hardly sleep. I thought of all the stories I have heard. I thought of the water, the life in the creeks, the isolation, the floods and I remembered I heard someone say in amusement, “you will get to attend Mass only once in a month”. I burst out laughing, it was a joke! Oh, so I thought!

The Little Dog

by Sr. Jo Anne Kelly  MMM      Ireland          01.05.2022

dog on a lead resizedEvery morning I take an early walk. Many people are out at that time, staff hurrying for duty in the hospital and others like me just taking a walk- One especially, he is an elderly man with a little brown and white dog. That little dog is so inquisitive. He has to investigate everything on the way- everything- corners, stones, gateways, cracks in the pavement, litter. He hops up unto the grassy patch and investigates the tufts of grass, sniffs every dandelion and daisy. What I admire is the patience of the owner. Though he has him on a lead, he never pulls him back. I said to him one day “Your little dog is very inquisitive” “O yes” he said “He has to check out everything for himself before he decides if it is worth going after”

I lift up my eyes to the mountains

by Sr. Noeleen Mooney MMM         Ireland     28.04.2022
mourne wall resizedWhen I returned to Ireland after many years in East Africa, I joined a local hill-walking group.  Apart from pandemic lock-downs, we meet every second Sunday, from September to June.  For me, it has opened up a whole new world of challenges, new vistas and awesome beauty.
Recently, we did a sponsored walk in aid of Ukraine.  It was billed as the “20, 20, 20” Challenge.  It was done on March 20th, covered 20 kms and we each donated Euro €20 and it raised Euro €1000. 

The Spider

by Unknown MMM Author undated          Ireland        26.04.2022
spider resizedThere is a story told of a spider. Above all creatures the spider knows what ‘depending’ means. Its whole life depends on the fragile threads that laced together make home. The spider could weave the most intricate webs. The web was a real piece of artistic skill and technical know-how, an ideal combination of form and pattern. Spiders from all over came to view the web, unsuspecting insects and flies found themselves meshed.

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