Powell, Sr. Maeve

Powell, Sr. Maeve

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 359
D.O.B. 31.08.1919
First Profession: 03.12.1956
Died: 27.02.1997 Aged: 77 years

Maeve, later to be known for some time as Sr. Marius, was from Cork and came to MMM as a qualified doctor on 27 September 1953.

Maeve was a niece of a very famous Irishman, Michael Collins, and was proud of this connection.

Her overseas assignment was to  Nigeria, where she never spared herself, working in Anua, Ado Ekete, Eleta, Ogoja, and Afikpo. She was finally assigned to the Ireland/England Region.

On retiring to Ireland, after one year on promotion work, she became involved in HIV/AIDS ministry and threw herself wholeheartedly into this work at Coolmine, Dublin. During this time she lived in the MMM house in Clonsilla.

Eventually she relinquished that ministry, too. By then she was considered almost the heart and soul of the MMM community in Mell, where she poured her energies into laying out and tending the lawn and garden.

Shortly before her death, Maeve experienced some stress. She was admitted for a check-up to the IMTH soon after and died unexpectedly within a few days. She is buried in Drogheda.