O’Driscoll, Sr. M. Finbarr

O’Driscoll, Sr. M. Finbarr

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 408
D.O.B. 31.05.1923
First Profession: 26.04.1958
Died: 02.06.1987 Aged: 64 years

Sr. Finbarr, baptised Maureen Theresa, from Bandon, Co. Cork, entered MMM in September 1955. Before entering, she was known to be a great ‘horsey’ woman; she loved horses and riding.

She was already a qualified pharmacist when she entered MMM. In the early sixties she was assigned to Tanzania, where for a few years she shared her professional skills in Kabanga.

Unfortunately, she did not enjoy good health. She continued to work for many years in the pharmacy in Drogheda and as the public relations officer in the out-patients department part-time.

She worked in Waterford from 1972 to 1973, then returned to Drogheda, where she worked both in the library on phone relief and in the philatelic (stamp) department.

Sr. Finbarr had a prolonged and painful final illness. She died and is buried in Drogheda.

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