O’Brien, Sr. Marie Loreto

O’Brien, Sr. Marie Loreto

Sr. Marie Loreto O'BrienNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 333
D.O.B. 04.08.1934
First Profession: 26.04.1955
Died: 03.09.1966 Aged: 32 years

Brigid, from near Tullamore, Co. Offaly, came to MMM on 3 October 1952, entering in Clonmel. She was a lovely young woman of eighteen.

Her short life was spent in Ireland, where she trained as a nurse and midwife in Jervis Street Hospital, Dublin, and in Drogheda, later staffing in the IMTH.

She had periods of ill health and was hospitalised in Mount Carmel Hospital in Dublin. Mother Mary was so concerned about Loreto that she made a point of visiting her almost every day. Loreto later returned to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda. She suffered great pain but accepted it quietly.

Before her death, Loreto had the consolation of five days in Lourdes in April 1966. The tragedy of her early death from cancer was heartbreaking.

At that time, the O’Brien family was well represented in MMM. Loreto’s sister Anna Marie (then Sr. Mediatrix) had entered in 1953. On medical advice she left in 1957. The youngest sister, Josephine, now Sr. M. Corona, joined in 1955.

Sr. Loreto was so loved and revered by the hospital staff that for many years after her death they kept flowers on her grave in Drogheda.