Morel, Sr. Marie

Morel, Sr. Marie

Sr Marie MorelNationality: British
Congregational Register No: 576
D.O.B. 21.08.1942
First Profession: 03.05.1963
Died: 29.03.1996 Aged: 54 years

From Jersey in the Channel Islands, Marie entered MMM on 3 October 1960.

She qualified as a laboratory technician and worked in the laboratory in the hospital in Drogheda until 1971, when she was assigned to Leon, Spain.

She spent several years in Leon and later was assigned to Nigeria, working in the laboratory in St. Mary’s Hospital, Eleta, Ibadan, for two years.

On return from Nigeria, Marie was appointed editor of the MMM magazine, a position she held for four years. She then spent a year as vocations directress. Following these assignments, she went to University College Galway where she did her BA in Psychology. From there she went to England where she did a part-time course in group dynamics and counselling and also did vocation work.

She was assigned to Brazil in 1986 and worked in São Paulo, Brazil, until 1989. She is best remembered for her work with youth groups. She was also on the parish health team, and did some counselling work and facilitation at seminars.

While she was a very pleasant and fun-loving person Marie was also deeply contemplative.

Owing to long-standing health problems her days in overseas ministry were shortened, but after her return to Ireland she became Regional bursar. Her great love then was the computer, for which she had great aptitude.

On completion of her mandate as bursar, her dream was to research and write on women in the Church, but having made all the preparations for this she was suddenly called home to God.

Sr. Marie died in Drogheda after a short final illness, and is buried there.