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A Youth’s Faith Journey in Nigeria

by Sr. Prisca Ovat, MMM                Nigeria/Kenya              18.02.2023 The following of Christ for some may have been influenced by friends, but for a greater percentage, both parents would have been devout Christians and Catholics. They would wake children […]

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Landing in Cobh 1958

by Sr. Margaret Anne Meyer MMM     USA           16.02.2023 My heart was pounding loudly with excitement as the fog horns screamed welcome to the shores of Ireland. Our little tug boat which received us from the large cruise ship, Mauritania, was gliding into the harbor. My […]

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The St. Valentine’s Mystery

by Nadia Ramoutar    MMM Communications Coordinator        14.02.2023 The 14th February, St Valentine’s Day seems to have become some kind of commercial fiasco of chocolates, gifts and overpriced cards in much of the world.  In some places, children give all the other children in their class valentine […]

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Paying Attention

by Sr. Sheila Campbell MMM          Ireland            12.02.2023 All of a sudden, the mornings are getting brighter and the evenings stretching out a little. At least that is true here in the Northern Hemisphere. But of course, it is not “all of […]

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Why did I become a missionary?

by Sr. Noeleen Mooney, MMM         Ireland            10.02.2023 There were no flashing lights or sudden inspirations.  Initially I joined a medical missionary Congregation to become a nurse – no more, no less.  There was a vague attraction of ‘missionary’ travelling, but it was […]

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Baby Steps

by Sr. Ese Idogen MMM                Nigeria/Angola                08.02.2023 Never underestimate the power of storytelling!  Some years ago, I was very excited as I read a story about the missions written by an MMM sister.  I still remember […]

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Cleaning up our Act

by Nadia Ramoutar   MMM Communications  Coordinator      Ireland         06.02.2023 I love learning new things and blogs are the ideal place to share such gems with other people.  I recently found out that the word February is one of the most commonly misspelled words in the English […]

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A Pope’s Visit

by Sr. Cecily Bourdillion MMM                          Ireland                           04.02.2023 As Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was laid to rest in the crypt below St. Peter ‘s Basilica on 5th […]

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The Big Double “C” – Climate Change

By Sr. Prisca Ovat MMM             Nigeria/Kenya                02.02.2023 Pope Francis cries once again in a voice louder than we have ever heard.  It is climate change and care of the earth. As young people growing up in an environment […]

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Seeing the Forest for the Trees

by Nadia Ramoutar      MMM Communications Coordinator             Ireland                     29.01.2023 Recently, the much respected Benedictine Sr Mary Lou Kownacki died after a long struggle with cancer. She was a major influence on Benedictine Sr Joan Chittister’s […]

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