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Unfolding the Petals of Poetry

by Sr. Margaret Anne Meyer  MMM       U.S.A.        20.07.2022 Poetry has, until recently, been a mysterious garden where words blossomed like wildflowers. They looked lovely but what was their meaning? How come the ending words did not rhyme but carried me to a different world? It […]

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Studying to Learn: A unique mission

by Sr. Chinyene Lumenze  MMM        England                18.07.2022       A young man once accompanied his dad to see a friend called James. When dad and son arrived at James’ home, they exchanged greetings. James stooped to the boy’s level and […]

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by Sr. Prisca Ovat MMM     Kenya     16.07.2022 Bees, as many of us would have become aware, are numbered among great pollinators of over 75% of global leading crops.  Many MMMs and friends would recall the sweet honey often given away by the MMM sisters in Makiungu.  They valued […]


A Useless Bit of Information

by Sr. Sheila Campbell  MMM      Ireland        14.07.2022 The other day I was in the car as a passenger, commenting to the driver about the other cars as we bowled along the motorway. “Did you know”, I said, “That cars from the North of Ireland have […]

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Wherever You Are

by Sr. Noeleen Mooney, MMM         Ireland        12.07.2022 My favourite piece from our MMM Constitutions is: “Wherever you are, whatever you do, let there be in your heart a space for others to be, so that, unafraid, they may experience themselves as loved and so […]

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by Sr. Cecily Bourdillon   MMM       Ireland       10.07.2022      A few days ago, I received a message from a member of staff of Kasina Health Centre in Malawi telling me of the death of our mutual friend, Yohane. May he rest in peace. The message added […]


What a Welcome Means

by Sr. Kerisfon Clement Ekanem  MMM     Republic of Benin      08.07.2022 I had a visit from one of our young women thinking about joining MMM, Fidelia Lawin. She and her younger sister visited me in School. I welcomed them and presented them with water and some snacks. She […]

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On Fire with Love

by, Sr. Jo Anne Kelly   MMM     Ireland     06.07.2022 I like to do crosswords. A few days ago a clue I had was “to set on fire” and the answer that fitted was “enkindle”.  I love that word enkindle.  I learnt it first from the prayer we say to […]

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Dancing with God

by Sr. Sheila Campbell  MMM        Ireland      04.07.2022    Have you ever watched a toddler learning to walk?  You know the way they lift up their arms to be raised up and, while the parent is holding both little arms, the child will venture one foot […]

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Dragon Fly

By Sr. Margaret Anne Meyer  MMM       U.S.A.      02.07.2022 As a child, I was always afraid of these Dragon Flies. Would they bite me?  And now, at our Poetry Class, we studied them in full detail. The teacher, rushed to her phone to show us one.  Most […]

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