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Mother Mary and Children

by  an MMM Sister                                Ireland                                         27.01.2023 Editor’s Note: Today is the anniversary of Mother Mary Martin’s […]

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A Woman’s view of Mother Mary

MMM Communications            Ireland                25.01.2023 Extract from a tribute by Aine McEvoy from some of the people who knew her. First published in MMM Magazine 1992 Mary Phelan, Matron of the hospital in Drogheda from 1943 – 1973. I […]

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Two men who knew Mother Mary

MMM   Communications           Ireland            23.01.2023  Extract from a tribute by Aine McEvoy from some of the people who knew her.  First published in MMM Magazine 1992 Fr. Hugh Kelly SJ, (1886 – 1974), a life-long friend of Mother Mary She had a […]

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by Sr. Sheila Campbell MMM       Ireland       21.01.2023 The other day I was down by the river. As it flows through the town it is tidal, and sometimes large stretches of the riverside are on view. It is home to many kinds of birds, but my attention […]

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Returning to Mass

by Vera Grant AMMM         Ireland            19.01.2923 I was nervous and yet excited to be going back. I hadn’t expected to be away so long. Four weeks seemed a long time and I missed going to Mass. Yes there was Mass online and […]

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Sacred Friendships

by Nadia Ramoutar  MMM Communications Coordinator           Ireland           17.01.2023 I am fortunate to have great friends in my life.  I think that they are some of my most treasured gifts.  In the past few years working for the MMMs as the Communications Coordinator, […]

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Ann and Mary

by Sr. Sheila Campbell MMM         Ireland        15.01.2023 When you live with the same people for a long time, sometimes you get bored with the same small talk.  This is when you have to look beyond the humdrum daily routine chat and re-discover the value […]

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From Binti to Bibi

by Sr. Maria Borda, MMM          Malta/Tanzania         13.01.2023 My first taste of Africa was when I was blessed to spend two months in Dareda Hospital, Tanzania, in 1979, as a medical student.  The experience strengthened my resolve to study hard so that I could […]

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Family and Community

by Angela Macnamara          Ireland         11.01. 2023 Editor’s Note:  This article was first published in the MMM Magazine in 1975 It is quite extraordinary to consider that each and every human being me meet in the course of even one day makes some change, […]

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Martha and Mary

by Sr. Maria Jose da Silva MMM           Brazil         09.01.2023 This theme has been in my mind since I started to reflect on my own life for the last two years between community commitments and the care of my mother.  My mother is widowed, […]

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