McDermott, Sr. Maureen

McDermott, Sr. Maureen

Nationality: Canadian
Congregational Register No: 543
D.O.B. 06.06.1941
First Profession: 17.03.1961
Died: 25.08.1992 Aged: 51 years

Maureen came from Toronto, Canada, and entered MMM in Winchester, Massachusetts, on 12 September 1958. After profession she came to Ireland where she studied medicine at University College Dublin.

After qualifying and completing her internship, Sr. Maureen was assigned to Taiwan in a temporary capacity while Sr. M. Petria was on home leave. She spent one year in Taiwan before being assigned to Tanzania, where she developed a deep affection for the Tanzanian people and culture. She was medical officer in Dareda from 1971 to 1979 and in Makiungu from 1980 to 1990.

She was a sensitive, caring, complex person. She also had a reflective side to her quiet, gentle nature and loved to go off on her own into the woods in Makiungu to reflect. She spent January to Easter of 1980 in the contemplative branch of Maryknoll, thereafter speaking of these Sisters as her personal friends.

While still only in her forties, Maureen developed cancer. During remissions she returned to her ministry in Tanzania. Coping with the therapy and the alternating periods of remission and relapse brought Maureen to a deep spirituality. Through it all her deep faith and love of God, which she generously shared with those around her, sustained and nurtured her.

During her last short illness, she returned to Somerville, MA, USA, where she died. She is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden, Massachussets.