Martin, Sr. M. Salvatoris

Martin, Sr. M. Salvatoris

Sr. M. Salvatoris MartinNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No. 149
D.O.B. 17.09.1926
First Profession 09.09.1948
Died: 10.05.2001 Aged: 75 years

May Martin was born and had her early education in Co. Roscommon. She entered MMM in 1945, already a pre-med student at University College Dublin. She continued with medical studies, taking a break for her spiritual year between 1946/47.

At some time during her medical studies, Sister Salvatoris became ill and did not have sufficient health to complete her medical training. Later her health improved, and she made final profession in 1954.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Sister Salvatoris had further bouts of  illness, which gradually became more and more disabling. From 1963 until her death she lived under exclaustration.

Several sisters in Ireland visited with her regularly over the years. She was always very welcoming and hospitable, interested in the MMMs she knew. She often said that she was offering up her suffering for the good of the congregation. She had a particular devotion to Our Lady and St. Joseph.

Sister Salvatoris had been in failing health for the last couple of years of her life but her death came rather suddenly. She died peacefully in her sleep one spring morning. Once arrangements could be put in place, her remains were brought to the Motherhouse in Drogheda and she was buried from there. Sister Salvatoris had three family members who survived her and who attended her funeral: her sister, Teresa; and brothers, John and Jim. It was wonderful to be able to offer the family the comfort of seeing Sister Salvatoris finally laid to rest in the midst of her MMM family after so many years of suffering.