Malynn, Sr. M. Francis Borgia

Malynn, Sr. M. Francis Borgia

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 65
D.O.B. 28.03.1902
First Profession: 06.01.1945
Died: 22.10.1980 Aged: 78 years

Ethel Malynn from Moate, Co. Westmeath, entered in Drogheda on 30 September 1941 when MMM was still in its infancy.

She came from a family of religious: three others were Poor Servants of the Mother of God and one of her brothers was a Dominican priest.

Sr. Borgia had been a professed member of the Missionary Sisters of St. Francis, Holme Hall, for three years when a dispensation was requested and given for her to enter MMM.

Sr. Borgia found her apostolate in serving, especially from the hospital kitchenettes and buffet in Drogheda, where she kept everything in perfect order.

In her later years she found time to develop her artistic talents, and some of her oil paintings were put up in Beechgrove.

An ardent nationalist, the pride of her life was when, one day, Ireland’s then President, Eamon de Valera, came to visit Mother Mary who was ill. Sr. Borgia was allowed the ‘honour’ of holding his overcoat for him to don before leaving. She painted his portrait during her later years and was very proud of this!

Sr. Borgia died and is buried in Drogheda.