Kelly, Sr. M. Dolores

Kelly, Sr. M. Dolores

Sr. M. Dolores KellyNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 82
D.O.B. 26.02.1919
First Profession: 16.03.1948
Died: 05.05.1992 Aged: 73 years

Sheila Kelly, one of a family of twelve girls and one boy (who became a priest), came from Dublin. She was a qualified pharmacist when she entered MMM on 15 September 1942.

She quickly developed very poor health and the only treatment was complete bedrest. Her prognosis for recovery was poor, and she made profession ‘in danger of death’ on 11 February 1944. Fortunately, she did recover and on completing her convalescence recommenced her canonical year of novitiate on 18 March 1946.

After profession, most of her years were spent in Tanzania – in Dareda, Namanyere and Makiungu. It speaks volumes of her love for the people that she chose to return there after her last, extended, leave home, knowing that she would die there.

Although Sr. Dolores appeared a sensitive, vulnerable person there was also a hidden strength beneath the surface and a very generous commitment to MMM.

Sr. Dolores died in Makiungu, Tanzania, on 5 May 1992. She is buried there.