Heaney, Sr. M. Moninna

Heaney, Sr. M. Moninna

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 593
D.O.B. 31.12.1921
First Profession: 27.04.1964
Died: 28.02.2000 Aged: 78 years

Margaret, from Dundalk, entered on 9 April 1961. Her sister Anna had entered MMM in 1940 but left four years later of her own accord.

A qualified pharmacist, Sr. Moninna gave thirty-five years of service in Kabanga, Tanzania. One of our sister-doctors wrote:

“She is one who did much for my sanity in my first mission, Kabanga, helping me keep things in perspective, seeing the funny side of unusual situations and helping me out with her resourcefulness and unbelievable memory when I was stuck in pharmaceutical crises!”

What more needs to be said!

It was with sadness that she retired to Ireland in 1996, where her gentle, unassuming presence was much appreciated by her community in Drogheda.

Her sense of humour was so characteristic of her. From her youth, she had been very short-sighted. She told the story how one day, without her spectacles, she found herself lining up to go for a swim, as she thought. To her horror, she discovered that she had joined a line of ‘bathing beauties’ in a local beauty contest!

Sr. Moninna died and is buried in Drogheda.