Hayes, Sr. M. Perpetua

Hayes, Sr. M. Perpetua

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 148
D.O.B. 29.07.1922
First Profession: 16.03.1948
Died: 12.04.1992 Aged: 69 years

Ellen Mary, better known as Nellie, came from Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. She entered in Drogheda on 12 September 1945.

After profession, she trained as a nurse in Jervis Street Hospital in Dublin and was later assigned to Naples where she spent many years, mostly in charge. She transferred from Naples to the Clinica Moscati in Rome from 1964 – 66 as Sister-in-charge, but returned to Naples on the withdrawal of MMM from Rome.

In 1971 she did her midwifery training in Drogheda. In 1972, she was assigned to Cuamato in Angola, where she spent three years.

Between 1976 and 1979, following her return to Ireland, she was Sister-in-charge of the MMM community in the Apostolic nunciature. This was followed by two years doing promotion work, based in Rosemount.

She was an earnest and serious religious and put all she had into her commitment. She had been responsible for the family business before entering and was aware that her family missed her sorely when she left them.

She later suffered with a chronic illness and bore this with acceptance and patience until her death in Drogheda in 1992. She is buried in the MMM plot there.