Gunning, Sr. M. Ann Regis

Gunning, Sr. M. Ann Regis

Nationality: American
Congregational Register: 542
D.O.B. 04.08.1916
First Profession: 17.03.1961
Died: 25.10.1988 Aged: 72 years

Sr. Ann Regis (Agnes) came from Belmont, Massachusetts, USA, and entered MMM at Winchester, Massachusetts on 12 September 1958.

Already a trained general nurse, she travelled to Ireland after profession and did her midwifery training in Drogheda.

She worked for many years in Nigeria in both Obudu and Ikom before returning to the USA, where she was assistant superior in Winchester from 1968 – 69.

She was elected 4th councillor of the MMM General Council at the Chapter in 1969. Following this period in office, she spent 1975 – 77 in the USA and then returned to Nigeria from 1977 until 1979.

Unfortunately, she developed a brain tumour. It was a long time before this condition was diagnosed. She never fully recovered and lived life out in the Infirmary in Drogheda. She felt it keenly being unable to return to the USA, but in time came to accept this.

Dom David, OSB, from Glenstal, accompanied her during her final illness and seemed to be able to bring a measure of peace and acceptance to her during this difficult time. She was greatly comforted by the fidelity of her nieces and other relatives who came from the States to visit her, as also did some cousins from Dublin and Sligo.

She is buried in Drogheda.