Glennon, Sr. M. Martha

Glennon, Sr. M. Martha

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 139
D.O.B. 24.06.1919
First Profession: 09.09.1948
Died: 03.05.1978 Aged: 58 years
Sr. Martha, baptised Margaret, was a sister of our first MMM to be called to new life, Sr. M. Aquinas Glennon.

Coming from Loughrea, Co. Galway, Sr. Martha entered in Drogheda on 22 June 1945. Her profession was delayed six months to allow her to complete midwifery training.

Sr. Martha came across as being a deeply spiritual person, simple in her outlook and approach and very gentle.

She was assigned to Tanzania in 1949 where she worked mainly in Twali, Mbulu and later in Dareda and Makiungu, where she was both midwifery tutor and superior. In Makiungu she had a bad accident, falling into a pit and breaking both her legs. She had been on night call and there was building going on, hence the open pit.

She returned to Drogheda because of ill health and died after a prolonged illness with much suffering. However, a visit to Lourdes in 1977 helped her greatly.

She is buried in the MMM plot in Drogheda.