Garnett, Sr. Margaret

Garnett, Sr. Margaret

Nationality: British
Congregational Register No: 203
D.O.B. 18.03.1920
First Profession: 25.12.1950
Died: 14.06.1990 Aged: 70 years

Margaret, from Yorkshire, England, entered MMM on 14 May 1948. She was a convert to Catholicism from the Church of England. She came for an interview with a view to going overseas as a lay doctor, but Mother Mary convinced her she had a vocation to MMM and Margaret never regretted that.

Being a qualified and experienced doctor, she was assigned to Tanzania shortly after profession. She gave many years of wonderful service, mainly in Kabanga, until she was elected assistant general at the 1974 General Chapter.

On completion of her term of office, she returned in 1980 to her beloved Tanzania, this time working in Dareda, Babati and Nangwa.

She was a wonderful all-round doctor and was thought so highly of that she was invited to be a member of the first Medical Board in Tanzania.

She was known for her great sense of humour and was very adaptable.

Her only brother, Peter, an Anglican minister, concelebrated her Requiem Mass in Drogheda and talked of the pleasure and privilege in being part of this ecumenical gesture.

Sr. Margaret died and is buried in Drogheda.