Dolan, Sr. M. Camillus

Dolan, Sr. M. Camillus

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 33
D.O.B. 14.06.1916
First Profession: 02.07.1943
Died: 27.07.1989 Aged: 73 years

There were quite a few Nigerian Sisters in Beechgrove, Drogheda, when news came of Sr. Camillus’ death in Afikpo, Nigeria. Their participation in the Mass offered for her in Drogheda was fine testimony in itself to the love and respect that they felt for her. But then Sr. Camillus had laboured for so many years in Afikpo.

As Bridget, from Dowra, Co. Cavan, she entered MMM on 1 May 1940.

After profession, Sr. M. Camillus did midwifery training and was one of the pillars of the maternity hospital in Drogheda before leaving for Nigeria.

During her first six months in Nigeria, her sensitive skin reacted badly to insects, the sun, etc, and it looked as if she would have to return to Ireland. However, she eventually adjusted to life in Nigeria so well that it was considered a marvel! Her wish was to die in Nigeria and this wish was granted. She was interred in Afikpo.

Her years of ministry in Nigeria covered Ogoja, Obudu, Ndubia and Afikpo, and spanned 1955 – 1984. She found a great apostolate there, especially in the preparation of Christian women, through her contact with the girls who worked in the house.