Deehan, Sr. M. Francesca

Deehan, Sr. M. Francesca

Nationality: Irish
Congregation Register No: 214
D.O.B. 24.04.1930
First Profession: 06.01.1952
Died: 01.02.1981 Aged: 50 years

Mary Deehan, from Ardmore, Co. Derry, who entered MMM in Drogheda on 3 October 1948, seems to have fitted a lot into her years with MMM. After catering training in Cathal Brugha Street in Dublin, her ministry covered time in both convent and hospital kitchens, the sewing room in Drogheda, and the Apostolic nunciature in Dublin.

She was local superior in Beechgrove, superior in Rosemount and finally was the bursar in Rosemount. She also served in the Apostolic delegation in Lagos, Nigeria, from 1963 – 1967.

In each of these roles she is remembered as being very capable. She was also very kind and known for her warm hospitality. She put much effort into the formation of younger Sisters in the culinary arts.

For years she suffered ill health but it was a road accident that was responsible for her early death. She was one of the passengers in a car in an accident that claimed the lives of three passengers on a road just outside Dublin. Sr. M. Michaeli McMeekin and Eilish Kelly-Coffey, the sister of Sr. M. Patricia Kelly, MMM, were the other two victims.

Sr. Francesa is buried in Drogheda.