Davis, Sr. Gertrude

Davis, Sr. Gertrude

Sr Gertrude Mary DavisNationality: British
Congregational Register No: 08
D.O.B. 20.09.1912
First Profession: 18.04.1941
Died: 03.01.1996 Aged: 83 years

Gertrude, a Londoner, was our first MMM from England. She entered the then infant congregation on 30 September 1937 and was among the first group of novices in Collon. She had been a member of the Grail beforehand.

After completing midwifery training she was missioned to Nigeria where she worked mostly in Calabar Province, in Anua, and in Use Abat, pioneering in many ways.

She returned to Ireland from 1957 to 1959 and nursed in Clonmel and Waterford. In 1959 she was re-assigned to Nigeria, and worked in Akpa Utong until 1968.

She had a great interest in orphans and there were a great many in Nigeria in those days. She was also interested in gardening, poultry, etc. and was a good homemaker.

Returning to Drogheda in 1968, she spent some time in the guest department before being assigned to England. From 1969 – 72 she did a course in adoption work and special baby care.

In latter years, she was superior of our first house in England. It was a great joy to her that MMM now had a house there. She began in Muswell Hill, then moved to Ealing, and later to Romiley, where she was involved as an Eucharistic minister and in parish visiting.

Sr. Gertrude was a formidable lady with a gift for hospitality. She kept to high standards in both the house and garden. She gave of her best to the neighbours and those in need and was fondly remembered by them.

Her party piece was symbolic of her personality:

‘O for a blade, for a splendid cause
O for a heart that is true.’

Sr. Gertrude died in Romiley and her remains are interred in a family grave near Brighton.