The Spider

The Spider

by Unknown MMM Author undated          Ireland        26.04.2022
spider resizedThere is a story told of a spider. Above all creatures the spider knows what ‘depending’ means. Its whole life depends on the fragile threads that laced together make home. The spider could weave the most intricate webs. The web was a real piece of artistic skill and technical know-how, an ideal combination of form and pattern. Spiders from all over came to view the web, unsuspecting insects and flies found themselves meshed.

The spider was very content with his creation and admired it. Then he decided to take another look to make an adjustment here, an improvement there. After all the spider above all creatures knows what ‘depending’ means.

On close inspection the spider saw a thread not spun by himself. What could it be? He was irritated. Following the line of the thread it faded into the sky from sight. Eventually thinking the thread superfluous to his creation he bit off the useless thread. It broke. The beautiful web crumbled.

Mother Mary Martin, Foundress of the Medical Missionaries of Mary had a dream and a vision. She was well aware of the thread that faded into the sky. Faith was her lifeline thread. Aware that she was being called and invited to begin a great work she knew what dependence was. Her faith told her that the web of her life was being woven by God, yet so often the web seemed to collapse: vital threads and connections seemed to snap and her plans seemed frustrated. Mother Mary could identify weaving and spinning. She knew what dependence meant. She was dependent upon the Church’s thinking to change. She was active in the cause of changing thinking. Her own ill health on several occasions seemed to be a reason for the fabric of the web to collapse.

In Africa she knew the toil of long hours of unremitting labour in a weary climate. All this made the threads seem tenuous in the extreme. Despite the austerities of war years, during which were also the early days of the congregation, she had to meet the accelerated demand for more and more qualified help. Also she had to provide the opportunity for young women to prepare for highly demanding missionary service.

The vital essential thread was faith. Mother Mary echoed Our lady’s words “let it be as you say,” “fiat”. The web of her dream and vision was held together by her constant repetition of a single word of prayer, “fiat.” One Sister from America tells of herself standing in front of the car that had come to meet her at the airport. She stared at the chrome work, on it was written a manufacturers name. In her mind was the query, is Mother Mary not taking this slogan, this prayer too far. The prayer Mother Mary constantly repeated and the manufacturers name had the same spelling – Fiat.