The Book – action speakes louder than words

The Book – action speakes louder than words

MMM Publications 1982                             Ireland                                   22.03.2023

A man once got a Bible as a present, and he was very much determined and looking forward to studying it earnestly.

But on his way home he got caught in a fire from which he only escaped by the skin of his teeth. Unfortunately, the Book was lost in the fire.

or a long time, the man resented the loss. Then he recalled having heard, time and time again, that the book contained only those things that were the best and the deepest in life.

He said to himself: “I must live in future as if I have read the Book. Perhaps, in this way, I can make up for its loss.”
And he set out with the best intentions. He led a life which was full of good and conciliatory deeds.

But when he died and stood before God, he was asked what he had done for God in his life. The man bent his head and confessed:
“Lord, I don’t know what I should have done for you. I have lost the Book which would have told me what to do. Please, forgive me!”

God ordered: “Bring him his Book!”

Then entered a group of people whom the man had consoled, encouraged and conciliated.
And God said: “This is your Book. You have read without following letters. You have understood without knowing it”.

The man was speechless with amazement and joy.

Taken and translated from: Der Geburstag von Adam and Eve (The Birthday of Adam and Eve), by Werner Rinser, Friedrich Reinard Basel. Reproduced by courtesy of the Bethlehem Missionary Society, Switzerland.