Summer, Sunshine and Showers

Summer, Sunshine and Showers

by Sr. Helen Aherne  MMM         Ireland           17.08.2022 
Long bright days with sunshine and no showers. Longer evenings when we were allowed to go out to play even after teatime. New dresses and sandals. Taken on holiday by our father to our Aunt and Uncle’s house in Kinsale. They were people who laughed and smiled a lot. Their house was always full of laughter and smiles. Life was full of fun.

And the sun always shone in Kinsale. To top it all off they had a baby daughter called Helen who made everyone smile. We especially felt she added to the holidays. We were allowed to hold her if we were sitting. We pretended she was our baby and would have liked to take her home.

We had no baby to make us smile in our house. Our Granny was our Mammy and though she did not smile much she was the Sun in our house. She loved us and that made the sunshine in our house in our lives. So many years ago.

Now we remember other people who have enriched our lives and whom we can add to those first memories. All I have learned from people who enriched my life. The times with my MMM Sisters in different places that made me the person I now am, as I face the big 60th Diamond Jubilee. What a celebration it will be! A time to remember and to plan for – the next how many years?

Whatever comes will also be from His Hands as we continue to thank and thank and thank the Lord, but also those who gave us life to do with as we wanted. But we have moved on and are in very different times and places. We now look back and enjoy it all over again through the memories. Oh, the places we have been!