Spring Starts Today

Spring Starts Today

by Sr. Sheila Campbell, MMM        Ireland      01.02.2022

daffodils resized“Spring starts today”. Well, that is what they say in Ireland, on the Feast of Saint Brigid, February 1st. Now usually there is the whole month of February ahead which can be one of the coldest months of the whole year in the Northern Hemisphere. But, this year, I know they are right. Why? Because our first daffodils arrived early, on January 21st.  A sign of an early Spring.

The thought of Spring brings a lighter step to our stride. Days begin to lengthen; the low winter sun is not so blinding now as you are driving on the roads. It is as if we come out of our burrows and begin to make plans for the year. When will I take some holidays? Where will I go? I think it is no coincidence that the feast of Easter comes during Spring. The resurrection was a sign to us that, in God, new life is not alone possible, but certain, just as Spring follows winter. 

So today as we honour St. Brigid, “Mary of the Gaels”, I give thanks that Spring is coming. I want to honour new life in all its forms. Nature gives us new growth in plants and trees, the birds begin to make their nests and hatch the eggs, and over in our local Maternity Hospital, babies are being born even as I write. Our job is to be protectors of this new life, cherish it, help it grow and develop. As Medical Missionaries of Mary one of our areas of special concern has been that of Mother and Child. I understand why historically this was so important in the early days in Nigeria. I also believe that it is our concern today. Care of new life is our mission, our passion and our priviledge.