Mother Mary to the Sisters, Passion Sunday 1963

Mother Mary to the Sisters, Passion Sunday 1963

Letters of Mother Mary resized

by Lisa Murphy    MMM Archivist        10.04.2022

As we celebrate Palm Sunday, we look back at a letter written by Mother Mary Martin on Passion Sunday in 1963 to the Sisters in Makiungu, Tanzania. The MMM Archive is extremely lucky to hold many of the letters that Mother Mary wrote during her lifetime. Her words remain a source of inspiration and can be applied to many of life’s circumstances today.

“I wish you all a very, very happy Easter and pray you may all share in the joys and blessings of the Risen Christ.

We have in the Gospel and ceremonies of these weeks an unfailing source of priceless graces. Love is the deep meaning of this mystery of Passiontide – Love which must be the beginning and end of everything for the M.M.M.

What an example Christ has left for those of us who have consecrated ourselves to follow in His footsteps. How often, crushed by weariness and suffering, we too, feel like calling as He did “Father, if Thou wilt remove this chalice from Me.” Our Lord felt the terrible burden of agony weigh upon His shoulders; He would have us know this and that is why He prays in this way. But immediately He adds “But yet not My Will, but Thine be done”. Because He loves His Father, He places the Will of His Father above all things and He accepts to suffer everything. So too with us, dear Sisters, if we really love God, we too will be ready to suffer everything for Him, from the small everyday trials… the great and heavier Crosses God will send us from time to time in His great love for us – to test our love for Him and to fashion us and make us more like unto Him.

By keeping close to Him in His Sufferings we will find Him easily when we have ours to bear. We have to learn to put our spiritual life into practice in our very active medical and apostolic life, living, loving God every moment of the day and through loving God we get to learn to love everyone in God and our work becomes a loving prayer.

The work God has given us is to be out and among the people, following the Footsteps of Our Divine Lord in His Public Life, spending ourselves for souls through loving obedience to the Father’s will. But the success and strength of our apostolate depend on the depth of our supernatural life of faith, hope and charity. We must be all things to all men, winning them by our kindness, patience, cheerfulness, generosity, self-sacrifice, but they will not be able to see God in us if we have not ourselves a Christ-life spirit. In striving to live the perfect spirit of the M.M.M. yourselves, you will be helping others live it. God bless you all in your great work for Him and as you lovingly share in the Cross as He sends it, so will you share in Christ’s joy at the Resurrection. With joy in our own hearts we shall bring joy to others.

Wishing each Sister a very happy Easter with all its joys and asking a very special remembrance in your prayers for your devoted and loving Mother in Jesus and Mary, Mother Mary.”