Happy New Year from the MMM Archive

Happy New Year from the MMM Archive

by Lisa Murphy    MMM Archivist    08.01.2022

Mother Mary letter resizedOn the 1st of January 1940 Mother Mary Martin wrote from the Novitiate in Collon, County Louth, to Sister Mary Magdalen O’Rourke at Rosemount in County Dublin. This was a period of change for MMM who were preparing to move their Novitiate house from Collon to Drogheda, take over the running of the maternity home at Beechgrove and provide maternity services for the town and surrounding areas. In her New Year letter, Mother Mary recites the virtues of a Medical Missionary of Mary which includes humility, generosity, thoroughness and spending one’s self for others.

“My Dear Sister Mary Magdalen,

This is to wish you & all at Rosemount a very happy New Year & may the Infant Jesus give you all a great appreciation of His Divine Life & all the virtues required to make good Medical Missionaries of Mary. True humility with great generosity, thoroughness & perfection in all we do for Jesus, ready & alert for every emergency, foresight in our work for God, spending ourselves for others, always doing God’s adorable will.

You dear Sister have great responsibility representing the Society in Dublin & your influence with the young Postulants & Aspirants. They must see in you the real spirit of M.M.M. viewing the whole & not get absorbed in detail……we must shoulder all in a spirit of love & joy like Our Divine Lord. Sacrifice which always means exerting ourselves, not just thinking & giving up, make sure you are answering Jesus & working for His interest not mine.”

Despite being written in 1940, I believe that the message of Mother Mary in this letter is equally applicable to the challenges of today. As we embark on a brand new year, we can all endeavour to journey through it with a spirit of love and joy. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2022.