Getting Ready for Christmas in September

Getting Ready for Christmas in September

Oddly enough, we are inspired about what to do in the future by reading what MMMs did in the past. This year, Sr Sheila and I got a big pile of past MMM Publications and read what Mother Mary used to do to spread the word of her new congregation 85 years ago! She was an amazing PR executive as well as a Spiritual leader. She knew how to get her new Congregation into the limelight of the media in a positive way that not only got her new Sisters but also won her much support across the world. Mother Mary created community wherever she went and had a way of bringing people together.

We are excited to have a Christmas Craft Fair this year in Drogheda. We are hoping to put the “fun” back in “fundraiser”. Our MMM Communications Department team have been working on this all summer. Community fundraiser events were something Mother Mary and the Sisters were excellent at putting together with the help of the Women’s Auxiliaries. There were active support groups who saw the good work the MMM Sisters were doing and wanted to get resources for them. We are grateful to the people who still help us this way but we are quite sure there are many more out there who have not heard of MMM yet.

Having an event like a Christmas Craft involves more practical steps than one might imagine at first. Hurdles like insurance and other important realities have to be faced. The idea of working with strangers after the isolation of Covid 19 is even a bit harrowing. But, when you compare these minor steps to what our MMM Sisters need the money for in the Mission, you get over it fast.

So we are making crafts already and our MMM crafty Sisters are at work making cards, knitting, crocheting and asking family members and friends to get involved too. I am busy creating ornaments and weaved Christmas designs myself. We are like Santa’s little helpers working away and it’s not even Halloween yet. But, this is what it takes to have a wonderful Christmas Craft Fair – you have to get ready well ahead of time!

If you think about it, anything worth doing requires a vision. It requires a team and a commitment to work together – no matter what. It often requires paperwork and filling out forms, which can deter some of us from even trying. When you think about what makes something successful it also requires a secret ingredient – JOY. You just can’t have a good Christmas Craft Fair without sprinkling a bunch of joy around.

If you live near us in Ireland, we hope you will join us. If you would like to do your own fundraiser for the MMM Missions where you are we would be delighted! There are ways we can be resourceful and show the true spirit of Christmas by giving to those people in very vulnerable places who struggle and suffer. Can there be a more important goal for the season of Christmas?

We don’t think so. But, whatever you do today – despite the hurdles you may have to jump and feel you can’t, sprinkle a little joy on your day. It’s contagious.