Calm Before the Storm: Can We Wake Up in Time

Calm Before the Storm: Can We Wake Up in Time

by Nadia Ramoutar  MMM Communications Coordinator       Ireland             23.11.2023

There is a major storm in Ireland today on a Monday morning and the schools are opening late. We are fortunate that with all the technology we have we can know in advance that a storm is coming and we can make plans accordingly. The electricity is out in much of the country but there are professionals working hard to get it restored quickly. We are the lucky ones.

This frequency of bad storms now is becoming common all over the world, just in some places they are not equipped to deal with them and have few if any resources. Without a doubt the amount of environmental impact on weather is causing massive fires, droughts, floods, and storms. The weather is becoming more exaggerated and places are experience more catastrophic weather.

When we were visiting Tanzania, people were explaining how the erratic weather is making it even harder for people to grow food. This seems like such a cruel turn of events. The very people who need to be able to grow food are unable to do so because of climate crisis weather changes. Also, we know that the people in this area had the least to do with creating the climate change we are experiencing.

Is this the true nature of injustice? The people who are suffering are not the ones who caused the crisis to occur, yet they are experiencing is the most harshly. This without a doubt seems to be hard to fathom.

When we look at the lessons in the bible we see that wonderful story of the visitation which is the inspiration for the MMMs ethos. When someone is in need, we will rush to their side no questions asked and will be there for them. We know that when Mary rushed to her Cousin’s side it was with a pure heart and open arms to help.

When we think of our brothers and sisters around the world suffering with the side effects of climate crisis, can we not perhaps increase our efforts to change our habits to protect them more? Can we in the west not be a bit more aware that our convenient behaviours and ways of creating waste are causing a crisis for others.

Can we find a way to be inspired to bring real change and to bring our open minds and arms to greater efforts? If we don’t get going on this in a serious way very soon, our window of opportunity for the Earth will pass us. There is no drama or theatrics in saying this. We have known for some time that major change is essential but as a species we don’t seem to be heeding the warning.

It is our time to show up for our global families in their hours of need by being less selfish each day and finding ways to collectively be better stewards of our own planet – and our only planet.