by Sr. Sheila Campbell  MMM         Ireland       28.07.2022

barcodes resizedSometimes God comes to tickle you with joy.  At least that is the way I thought about it after I had seen this scene.  The other morning, I walked into our chapel for morning prayer and there it was.  The sunlight was streaming through the French windows, through the folds of the net curtains, creating a pattern on the carpet.  “Barcodes”, I thought, almost immediately. That is when I was tickled pink. Isn’t it great that even God has a barcode!

What is a barcode? It is a set of symbols that can be scanned electronically using laser or image-based technology, used to encode information. The ones we commonly recognise are linear barcodes.

Perfect, I thought. God uses the sunlight and shadows to send me a pattern. I, with my eyes, can scan this pattern and see the unique imprint of God in our world. Isn’t it wonderful that modern technology can help deepen our understanding and delight in the God of all things?

But it not just things. Each person has their individual barcode in God’s eyes. Each one is precious, and God has all information stored in the Big Computer.  I love that bit of Isaiah 43: “you are precious in my eyes and I love you.”  I can never fully understand the person next to me, even the person closest to me.  Each one has an inner mystery, known only to God. I think this calls us to a deep respect for others. I don’t usually dislike other people, but I can ignore them, caught up in my own ideas and plans.  That is not respecting people.  Yes, I fail miserably at times, but then God gives me a nudge, like the other day, with the barcodes through the window.

Thank you, God for the nudge – keep them coming!