Advent and MMM

Advent and MMM

by Paul Campbell SJ               U.S.A.              10.12.2022

For years, I’ve vaguely wondered about the MMM logo and so I finally emailed my sister Sheila and asked if the figures perhaps represented Mary and Elizabeth. I found her reply enlightening: “Yes, the MMM logo is Mary greeting Elizabeth at the Visitation – one of our Feast days and a great favourite of Mother Mary’s. As was the Nativity (she had a crib set up in her office the whole year round).  Mary “went in haste” and we used to say we have never stopped going in haste ever since, especially when there was work to be done and we were scurrying around as novices. The fact that both women were pregnant also talks to us for our special attention to mother and child.”

Featuring the Feast of the Visitation in the MMM logo is not only a lovely tribute to Mother Mary, but I think the celebration of the two women so blessed by God is a very apt symbol for a group of women “Rooted and founded in love” who share an urgent desire to serve God’s people and especially vulnerable mothers and children. Like Mary and Elizabeth, MMMs go in haste – I always think of the Sisters as busy, daring and inventive.

I’m delighted by the idea of Mother Mary having a crib in her office all year long. It indicates that the Congregation keeps the Nativity for which we are now preparing close to its heart. In this Advent Season, may we hasten towards the Lord with hearts as full of hope and expectation as those of Mary and Elizabeth.