Amadi, Sr. Patricia

Amadi, Sr. Patricia

Sister Patricia Chibuzo Amadi was born in Nguru Mbaise, Owerri, Nigeria on Saint Patrick´s Day, 17 March 1945. She came from a large, close family unit. Her basic education was divided among several schools.

She attended Holy Rosary Primary School, Ovoro; Mercy Secondary School, Okigwe; and later Saint Louis Secondary School, Ondo. After leaving school she worked as a nurses’ aid in a hospital and in sick bay in charge of children with kwashiorkor.

First years in MMM
In 1972 our first MMM novitiate in Nigeria opened. ‘Sister Patti’, as she was known affectionately in MMM, was in the first group of women to join the congregation in the new formation house in Ibadan. After profession, she continued in ministry in Nigeria. She worked in Ondo, Ndubia, Abakaliki and in Saint Mary’s Hospital in Eleta, Ibadan. During these years she also qualified as a registered nurse and midwife, studying at Saint Joseph´s Training Hospital, Adazi, and at the Holy Rosary Training Hospital in Emekuku. She also completed a course in community development in Sierra Leone.

In 1993 Sister Patti was assigned to Malawi. She had an outgoing personality and one of the Sisters who knew her there saw how she was able to connect with people.  Everyone felt comfortable in her presence and accepted by her. En route to her new mission, she attended a three-month clinical pastoral education course in Dublin that brought a whole new dimension to her ministry. She began work in Malawi in primary health care and soon saw the scope for pastoral care.

She had the opportunity to train as a chaplain in the USA and South Africa. For many years Sister Patti worked as a hospital chaplain, both at Saint John´s Hospital in Mzuzu, and Kamuzu Hospital in Lilongwe.

Return to Nigeria
Sister Patti returned to Nigeria in 2009 and continued in ministry there for several years, in Lagos and Ibadan. She also served for a short time in MMM leadership. She did not enjoy good health and finally she moved to Abakaliki in 2019 to be nursed by the Sisters there. After a short final illness she died on 6 December 2020.

Sister Patti’s remains were brought to our MMM community in Benin City, Nigeria. A vigil was held in the community chapel on 17 December 2020. Her funeral Mass took place there on 18 December 2020, followed by burial in our MMM plot in the compound. With the benefits of recent technology, the Mass was live-streamed via Zoom, so Sisters, Associates, family and friends were able to participate. May Sister Patti rest in peace.